Burial or Cremation?



For burials in a churchyard or cemetery people are generally buried in either their own private plot or with their loved ones in a joint or family plot. Please note plot purchases only last for approx 50 years after this then another may need to be purchased.
When not using an existing grave then a new plot will need to be purchased. Careful consideration should be given as to which is the most appropriate type of plot, one that will meet your needs.
We will of course advise and support you in making this decision, ensuring that all appropriate documentation is submitted and that all fees are fully understood.


Cremations have become more popular. The cremation process is simple as well as cost effective as it saves land space.
You can have more choices of Crematoriums.
Statistics from the Cremation Society of Great Britain show 75% of people are now cremated.

Cremation ashes can be buried in a burial plot, similar to a typical burial, but it is important to know that what you do with your loved one’s ashes it is up to you.