Having signed The Fair Funeral Pledge and now a representative of Safe Hands Funeral Plans, we offer a range of different funeral plans to suit all tastes and budgets. Each funeral plan can be tailored to suit particular preferences.

You have the choice of either paying a lump sum or monthly installments.

You can spread the cost over 2 yrs interest free with a small deposit. If paying over 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years, the monthly installments are subject to a flat 4% installment handling charge.

A pre-paid funeral plan is a means by which you can fix the cost  of the funeral director’s fees and services, meaning that no matter how long you live there will never be anything further for your family to pay towards them. A funeral plan allows you to pay upfront for your funeral so your relatives don’t have to cover the costs themselves - although they are allowed to pay for your funeral using money from your estate as soon as you die (and it's not subject to inheritance tax)

In common with all funeral planning companies, the money you pay towards your Safe Hands funeral plan is held securely in a trust fund set up in conjunction with an award-winning firm of specialist solicitors, and overseen by an independent panel of qualified Trustees. Over time this money grows, ensuring that however long you live, there will always be sufficient money within the fund to cover the cost of your funeral.

Arrangements can be made in the comfort of your own home, just call or request a call back.

(If for any reason our company cease trading then Safe hands would contact another funeral director to take on your funeral.)